Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whoring After Other Gods

god's of Harvest, Fertility, and Love
to fill our lust
we instill our trust

in blues and purples
and golden paint
out of gold dust

that we drank
as we wished for
what we consumed to grow

It's a image you know
what's before your eyes
everything you touch--
everything that fades

He's winking at you from behind the clouds
the one that made your eyes
His exalted Kingdom-far from your mind
is close like time

Another thing you cannot escape
death and judgment
or pearly gates

I gave the god of CHASE eight thousand yesterday
He gave me eight days to live in waste
I gave the god of CHEVROLET eleven thousand
I still pay him everyday
The god of CITIBANK two-hundred thousand,
our lust us flowing like a fountain

when He would freely give us all good things
if we'd wait and just believe.
the god of the nearest Bali Fitness, the god of Sephora and Dior
all those plain before our eyes
won first our praise and answered our sighs

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