Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I think I can write now

I think I can right now, but what about later...
I feel like I've been Obama slapped with all the closed doors
slammed shut
And it's funny, I thought I knew Your will
without asking

Give me my monthly bread, I don't want to have to wait on You everyday,
and You don't always speak
YahuShua - Jehoshua
What is your name!

Well...there at the Oasis, I hear You again.
Seems like I haven't been doing what I said I'd be doing.
Now, where is my guitar?
Where are my songs?
Where is my future?

Am I in business for myself,
while making notes about the Kingdom?

And these thoughts tormented me,
I was frozen, restless, watching the waking hours pass
and wondering how they went
so quickly.

Now, I know. Perhaps, one or two, the ones that make demons tremble
You told them to stiff arm me and push me back.
I meditate on the eternal, and scrounge for my fits | of | life
I hear this song.
I think I can write now.