Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is a poem about Sophie and Jonathan, David and Diana, and Peter, dearly loved friends that I may not see again in this lifetime.

I'm longing for the Kingdom coming for all to ones to whom I've had to say good-bye
my heart aches daily for them
I try to shake some sense into this love
this bond of love lasting beyond the grave
still it lingers
so I remind myself that these eternal beings
will again receive me with joy
when we walk into eternity

And someone told me that I could replace them with new friends.
Not so, not so--
It's just that each is so different!
It's like donning a horse-hair toupée
just doesn't fit
all their likenessnesses
all their differences
are so distinct
and wonderfully suited for the times we meet

Am I wrong for wanting to keep, their God-likeness near?
I feel as if I am a brick in His house
and they are the pillars
with the semblance of amber or fine brass
that He gives to uphold many
and because they are strength to many
I cannot hold onto them selfishly
their beauty is in their position and intention
to stand beside and underneath

Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, [which is] new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and [I will write upon him] my new name. (Revelation 3:12)

A rant about higher education and consumerism

whenever you go after the forbidden fruit
Knowledge that exalts greater than the One
Who formed it

You know, you find it sometimes in school
or self-help books
transcendental meditation
We can't help ourselves, can we?
the hunger for knowledge to find--
We can't help ourselves:
He can,
the very One from who we demand
every point of the plan
so that He can't lead us

Stubborn sheep, wait, guess I mean goats
If we can't be the center
then there's little hope
for the completion of the plan
Hey, God! What about me?
Where's all those promises? And, I need to eat.

The wall's up
constructed of every injustice we ignore
in favor for 2 cups of Stabucks and CrispyKreme hole?
All the while, He searches for souls,
who can be trusted with true riches and what He knows.

She drifts to sleeplessness

While listening to the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soundtrack

I wait in a meditative state for You oh Ancient of Days
away from Eden
to hear Your counsel for these final days
Your voice walks between consciousness
I hear You when I think I'm awake
and to remember your words is life to my bones
Your words endure beyond them

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Psalm 46

This is a song I wrote inspired by current
events and Psalm 46

Why do you fear, you who hope in the Lord?
These are the signs of His coming.
Walls fall down of great cities.
Great towers fall of the heathen.

Though these mountains are cast in sea.
I know my present and future is thee.
When I rise to the wailing of hell.
I will run to the Fortress to dwell.

My God. You are with us. (Voice 2)

You move with indignation.
The kingdoms here are shaken.
Oh the desolation!
The men of war are quaking.
Hear how they plead for peace.
You promised judgement.

Be still and know
that I, am, God
I will be exalted! I will be exalted! (2xs)

Among the nations, in the earth
the King who's coming, the last, the first (2xs)

My God. You are with us. (Voice 2)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Burning for Love - a song

inspired by my brother meeting his fiance
...definitely not one of the nicest things I've written, and it's incomplete, but...

tattoos up her arms piercings in her face
she's searching for the one that no one can replace--
and he says she's beautiful

what lies had led her there, homeless unaware
she's always bringing on these random love affairs
and she says she's beautiful

sex on the ledge, sex on the edge
she tells you all her partners, you should have asked her legs
and they think she's beautiful

This world's not yours
nor your body
The time's not yours
it's unwinding
and when it ends
will you be friends
or somewhere burning

burning for love, burning for love

(added this verse after I recorded it, ha!)
he looked in her eyes, he never saw the time
just took her in to see, if sex was on her mind
and he thinks she's beautiful

This world's not yours
nor your body
The time's not yours
it's unwinding
and when it ends
will you be friends
or somewhere burning

burning for love, burning for love
burning for love, burning for love,
burning for love

Sorry about the muttering. I didn't want my brother to hear me:)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thoughts, Not Poetry

Can you accept that God's not through with me yet?
It's not, you're saved and then abracadabra you're God-like
These are the many things about me that I cannot believe
I want to tell you the truth, but abracadabra I lied.
I want to be there for friends, but abracadabra I hide.
I want to do well in school, but abracadabra I procrastinate.
I want to love everyone, but abracadabra I hate

everyone that gets in my way, and takes my energy from my goals.
What have I learned from Love?
Be patient.

Be patient with the insincere liars, that aren't there for you when you need them, that are lazy with their work, and blame and hate you for it.

Be patient. I'm a work in progress. I will not pretend to be perfect,
and I do not expect you to be.

If everyone could just hold everyone to this standard - to forgive those that fall time and time again, just like you. There is heaven. There is a kingdom worth living in.

But, here are my false starts. Any suggestions on how not to be human?
I'm listening.

Two Feet In Front of Me

My whole life was two feet in front of me
where I would decide to go
what I would decide to do
and who I would decide to listen to
from now--on

It's on, and I cannot focus on what I need to do
These pixels are perfect
Not a reflection of the users at all
Two feet in front of me lies my life

In a basement, undisclosed
Closed off rather
"Do Not Disturb"
I'm trying to make something out of nothing,
or pixels, same thing right?

Two feet in front of me.

Don't have time to listen to your problems.
I'm trying to fix my own. I'm sure Google knows...
how to fix a life,
I've only moved two feet towards what I can give

The rest is lost in memories, digital photos of the places
I've gone
The people
I've met
The past, but what of the becoming--

Two feet in front of me,
what a wonderful gift
to go
to an online chatroom and find neighbors across the world
can't stand the ones across the street
The ones through the lines have an airbrushed illusion of me
that they admire

I thought I'd love it. I hate it.
I've only shared my good, but I expect them to know my failure.
Are we done pretending?

So I'm taking my two feet, stuffed neatly beneath my desk, and I'm sitting here until I complete--
what I started. An accurate depiction of disconnect.

Response to Jim Rohn's talk "Turning Nothing Into Something"