Sunday, May 29, 2011

A rant about higher education and consumerism

whenever you go after the forbidden fruit
Knowledge that exalts greater than the One
Who formed it

You know, you find it sometimes in school
or self-help books
transcendental meditation
We can't help ourselves, can we?
the hunger for knowledge to find--
We can't help ourselves:
He can,
the very One from who we demand
every point of the plan
so that He can't lead us

Stubborn sheep, wait, guess I mean goats
If we can't be the center
then there's little hope
for the completion of the plan
Hey, God! What about me?
Where's all those promises? And, I need to eat.

The wall's up
constructed of every injustice we ignore
in favor for 2 cups of Stabucks and CrispyKreme hole?
All the while, He searches for souls,
who can be trusted with true riches and what He knows.

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