Sunday, June 14, 2009


So I haven't posted a poem here in a while because I've been monitoring the type of content that I post here. I've been writing other poems though that do not match the theme of this blog. Today I'll give it another go because the poems here are all responses to something...mostly music.

"the desire for beauty, which is the image of the divine." -Ficino

Seeing you is not the movement I was listening to last night
I was listening to a song without sound and pictures
staring at the screen knowing this madness of wanting was
again ensuing.

Not seeing you was the movement I was listening to
and so tears and tears came
I was shaken as I realized it was ending
how cruel it always ends when we've made a connection


Yesterday as I sat by myself I wondered if this was hell.
Separation from Love
Knowing faces that look like Him
faces that talk like Him
those faces that grin when they abuse you.

And I cried because faith believes differently.
My chaste Christianity came crashing down!

What if this was hell?

What if we were really the fallen?
with a book that told the story of our demise...
so the truth doesn't eat at us like a plague.
So we don't jump off of the nearest path to peace.


Many seasons come and go, and go, and go, and go,
The world is really crooked.
Why would God come and not tilt it back again.
He calmed His seas.
He cursed his lands.

And he's coming back with a sword to conquer it again?

Many things tonight are rushing through my head
Mainly the cold
how life is in the blood
and as I sit on this cold rock, smell of the pine, longing for your body,
I wonder why the Creator formed us to long.

Can creation - procreation happen without love?
Would we die without love?
And what if we were created without these silly emotions
more real than the things that we can see
these silent...invisible things...that create everything.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spheres of Hope

When I see her
she is the one always dancing and laughing for no reason
she kicks up dirt with her heels to see it fly
and is fascinated by the strength of the ant

What did they come together to defend against something larger that they didn't understand?
What did they sting?
And did she flee!

And she laughs on the way.
The Power of the ant. The power of hope.


I've spun aimless circles around this concept of inner peace.
And what I've pieced together is together there is warmth.
And together we can build, apart from sharing our gifts
--given so unequally for a purpose
is endless suffering.

You pushed her down yesterday.
You need her today.
You defamed Him yesterday.
You call Him today.

Separate from what you believe to be the truth
is the fact that you need them because they give you a
hope of a complete existence.


Looking up at the dark sky one wonders...
is this existence or an illusion?
Is the Test to believe?
Is the Great Test to hope?

Hope it's true that He's up there,
loving us,
hoping that He'll return.

Hoping that the dormant passions
that once lit up this place will live again
Will you remember this for me if I don't?

It's more than you can conceive or begin to think,
Your place in this world.
Your place to rule in your little sphere.
And your purpose--
Yes the reason you were sent
was to create hope.