Thursday, May 28, 2009


you were being love
before you opened your eyes for the first time
before you sang
before you put on flesh

you had being
and a mind
and were all in Truth

you were being love
without a thought or try
and you had in you all that you could imagine

and then you were born
...and died.


you saw others unlike you and questioned why you were not the same
you searched the world for your likeness but there were none only strangeness
you cast off your uniqueness because you were looking for Love

and He, in His love had let you go
to love everything and everyone that He had made...for you
you're still looking for Him
and others too with that pang visible in their eyes
what was created while longing for Love?
a whole earth of unlikeness!


And then one day you heard Him say, "I AM here."
And you thought it was your mind,
but there was something inside you that moved
that hadn't moved before
and you wondered

8 years later, 2 years from a decade of living lies
He spoke again, "Who you are is a lie."
And there was so much you were trying to create.
He said, "Who you are changes."
"The Truth does not change."

And then your thoughts about this flesh that you had put on
and these clothes, and this car, more education
it would pass, it was passing, and the flesh in constant decay.
You would see Him one day, you would see You one day.
And in that day you would be in complete being.

That He Would Call Me Friend

there was no bowing out of this opportunity
and there was no way of escaping this mission
two years
no three I had walked the other way
now write
now write with me
now "Let's do this together."

Last year I said I would do it for you.
Before I said I would do it for Him.
And many years ago I said I would do it for me...

and the books, the books they sit in my mind unwritten
so I blog to forget
I blog and neglect this mission, this calling.

But who can neglect so great a salvation.
The pen and the sword that cuts and creates lies.
I will write Truth.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wisdom

I cannot fully describe the shadow of death that was lifted;
You know when you've touched death.
You don't appreciate your existence.
You know the disappointments leading you there.

And at some time God steps in there and says live.
He says breathe to breathe, sing to sing, a live to enjoy.
And those things your grasp at that you have not attained,
you don't need them anyway. Not now.

To be now.
All you need is to realize what you have;
one could argue that one has nothing,
but gifts are given, and given abundantly from the Lord
for all to profit withal.
Do not be ashamed by what you have;
do not be saddened by what you don't have.

Be a witness wherever you go,
that a place that is better exists,
that true liberty is here for those that would die to find it.

Enigma number one.

How is that those that choose life
choose death...

I wrote the other day that I was not living to die
I was dying to live. In some small measure: the answer comes back
they are one and the same,
contained within the mystery that is God.
We live and die to Him,
but we are eternal.

It will be a perfect circle when we cross into eternity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


He wants to call sickness simply a state of disease.
I cannot really measure the depth or the cause.
I know that it improves. We put more into our care for a little while,
and then we are well.

Are we well?
Is nothing ailing us?

I know it is all caused by the distance.
The distance between us and God causes all sort of
dis-ease and dis-order.

But what when we come to Him?
What when were are near to Him everyday?
In His presence is fullness of joy.
And what we sought out there.
What we sought while we were away.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

in hand

Fearless with steel in her hand--
with steel in her eye she searched him.
What she wrote, no mystery, not cold,
No intentions to cut,
but truth severed their hopes.

Bleeding Truth!

Now castles and happily ever after,
do seem like fairy tales.
She wrote it all;
she bled it all out on the pages--
beauty, life, truth.

at once consumed

And who wouldn't be moved?
She stopped reading him,
She rinsed her soul with tears.
She took her sword and retired it
for the years of fighting now meant nothing.

The words were not meant to kill
their hopes
But with every lie there is already risen Truth.
Truth has already bled for this day.
He won't have to.
Though the pain is no illusion,
and though love remains a mystery,
with pain in love she holds the sword to her heart.

Love Never Fails

So if love failed, then there wasn't love there to begin with
if love can turn so quickly to disinterest
to hate
then a falsehood, a mimicry
So what was the passion, near God-like?

And who keeps hoping to find His likeness?
And is it grasping at the wind,
that we in our mortal form,
can act or be like Him?

Can act
or be


Deadness is the wasting when you are not giving
Death is the next exhale into meaning
Sinless it quietly whispers that it has more life than you

You know what you were yearning for,
to be broken from the hope of escaping...
You were yearning for a place where you arrive,
but earth moves
that is the only truth you know

Maybe nineteen kingdoms from now He'll come
not for the rescue
but for the conquering of mankind
till then the Spirit prays 'Thy Kingdom Come'
and the heart sings a different melody, unsung