Sunday, May 10, 2009

in hand

Fearless with steel in her hand--
with steel in her eye she searched him.
What she wrote, no mystery, not cold,
No intentions to cut,
but truth severed their hopes.

Bleeding Truth!

Now castles and happily ever after,
do seem like fairy tales.
She wrote it all;
she bled it all out on the pages--
beauty, life, truth.

at once consumed

And who wouldn't be moved?
She stopped reading him,
She rinsed her soul with tears.
She took her sword and retired it
for the years of fighting now meant nothing.

The words were not meant to kill
their hopes
But with every lie there is already risen Truth.
Truth has already bled for this day.
He won't have to.
Though the pain is no illusion,
and though love remains a mystery,
with pain in love she holds the sword to her heart.

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