Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wisdom

I cannot fully describe the shadow of death that was lifted;
You know when you've touched death.
You don't appreciate your existence.
You know the disappointments leading you there.

And at some time God steps in there and says live.
He says breathe to breathe, sing to sing, a live to enjoy.
And those things your grasp at that you have not attained,
you don't need them anyway. Not now.

To be now.
All you need is to realize what you have;
one could argue that one has nothing,
but gifts are given, and given abundantly from the Lord
for all to profit withal.
Do not be ashamed by what you have;
do not be saddened by what you don't have.

Be a witness wherever you go,
that a place that is better exists,
that true liberty is here for those that would die to find it.

Enigma number one.

How is that those that choose life
choose death...

I wrote the other day that I was not living to die
I was dying to live. In some small measure: the answer comes back
they are one and the same,
contained within the mystery that is God.
We live and die to Him,
but we are eternal.

It will be a perfect circle when we cross into eternity.

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