Thursday, May 28, 2009


you were being love
before you opened your eyes for the first time
before you sang
before you put on flesh

you had being
and a mind
and were all in Truth

you were being love
without a thought or try
and you had in you all that you could imagine

and then you were born
...and died.


you saw others unlike you and questioned why you were not the same
you searched the world for your likeness but there were none only strangeness
you cast off your uniqueness because you were looking for Love

and He, in His love had let you go
to love everything and everyone that He had made...for you
you're still looking for Him
and others too with that pang visible in their eyes
what was created while longing for Love?
a whole earth of unlikeness!


And then one day you heard Him say, "I AM here."
And you thought it was your mind,
but there was something inside you that moved
that hadn't moved before
and you wondered

8 years later, 2 years from a decade of living lies
He spoke again, "Who you are is a lie."
And there was so much you were trying to create.
He said, "Who you are changes."
"The Truth does not change."

And then your thoughts about this flesh that you had put on
and these clothes, and this car, more education
it would pass, it was passing, and the flesh in constant decay.
You would see Him one day, you would see You one day.
And in that day you would be in complete being.

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