Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Revelation of Me

If you saw me here or at the throne
you would see me dancing
the world was formed in song
the fire within, it is birth anew

Our core, fire untouchable
Our maker, too hot to look on
We are are born of fire
One on the other creates great heat
why else do we say the heat of passion?

when are the doors to this wisdom closing friend?
Obvious the waters that cool the fire are only a season
the waters evaporate, the waters contain,
the fire,
but everything flees the fire

CHANGCHUN, CHINA - NOVEMBER 9:  Uncertifed fir...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

When you return to ground
When you return to the flames
Will you be be fire
Or will you have cooled?

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The One Thing He Said

He is fire.
He's coming for His own.
You have to be fire to stand before Him.

words of a seeker in my church.