Thursday, May 26, 2011

Psalm 46

This is a song I wrote inspired by current
events and Psalm 46

Why do you fear, you who hope in the Lord?
These are the signs of His coming.
Walls fall down of great cities.
Great towers fall of the heathen.

Though these mountains are cast in sea.
I know my present and future is thee.
When I rise to the wailing of hell.
I will run to the Fortress to dwell.

My God. You are with us. (Voice 2)

You move with indignation.
The kingdoms here are shaken.
Oh the desolation!
The men of war are quaking.
Hear how they plead for peace.
You promised judgement.

Be still and know
that I, am, God
I will be exalted! I will be exalted! (2xs)

Among the nations, in the earth
the King who's coming, the last, the first (2xs)

My God. You are with us. (Voice 2)

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