Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Poem at Breakfast

Forever, never--you had both poles of my soul
Love like a guinea pig, cute at first,
but then such a chore.

Funny. This is how I'm remembering you,
After you were that inquisitive smile on my face
for so long.

People never know why I didn't need new clothes,
Starbucks, or executive pay to feel special.
Guess you too never knew, until I said
I was in love with you.

Too bad that was the day I also said goodbye;
I'll wear your memory like a yellow ribbon;
you'll wear mine like a tie.

The illusion of sophistication always made you look good;
too bad I had to be knotted up and twisted awkwardly
to realize it was for show.

Maybe 30 todays from now you'll have a new tie--no commitment-
which one looks better, which one suits my mood,
which one makes me feel more secure,
which ones do my friends like, which one thinks they're my only

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