Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Won't Back Down

And finally it's cost me everything to say that He is my Lord and my God
It's not what I thought I would have to pay
It never is
Remember that; it will always cost more than you think:
I said it's beautiful and I have a plan for how it could be,
but generous,
my Father waited to give me something better
then I finally let go--
How to embrace eternity
some knew it meant forgetting your life
That's what He said, He said lose this life to gain it.

Today I feel like a soldier,
more lost friends than I can count,
tomorrow I'll be a princess near His throne
gathered round with the worshipers
that gave it all.

Luke warm in the fire
luke warm--and thinking I'm fine
And in the valley of decision
I didn't fall...amazing He holds me still.

He loves me.

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