Saturday, August 29, 2009


static, ecstatic that He never went away
waits for me to finish my drink at the Dead Sea
bitter waters
I drank freely

living waters,
they lead you to
the True Source;
how can I?

They make me realize that I am inadequate still
inadequate to save one or the world
but, He died to be The Way
died to quench our thirst

Can you believe
someone you cannot touch
can be everything?

Can love everyone?
Pleasantries, Cheshire smiles,
they lead you wherever you want to go--
to bad you never know

Good for me is the taste of freedom
It looks like black hair, brown eyes, and a wrist watch
Sweet words I swear I've never heard
Good for me
until I'm sick on sweetness

He held me in the bathroom as I threw up
unimaginable things
what I think I didn't eat
He was always there beside me

Struck down death
the antiserum for my poison
And black waters stink
but once you drink long enough...


unwilling to move to where He's calling
you almost think they're sweet

Could there be better for me?
It will turn you over like yesterday
This realization that you drank bitter waters
freely for four years...

...and He never stopped calling you home.

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