Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Can't Win This One

Let's suppose your lover were on a stream floating away with another.
And let's suppose he thought you never saw him through the morning mists.
And let's suppose you were willing to take the risk of being noticed.

Hello how are you,
Who Is This?
Oh a friend from work, how nice you missed today.

And let's suppose you hid your jealousy underneath and tried to be kind that week.
Let's suppose you didn't say a word as the questions corroded your soul.
Let's suppose you ignored all the signs that you were not the only one,

to Have and Hold your dearest friend.

No. You sat on the bank that day, after they had sailed away.
You contemplated a secret kill; just like every lover will.
And after crying your eyes out 'til you turned pale.
You passed through the gardens of your ill will,
and thought of how to win him back,

But, with the present wounds you know, you cannot turn a old stream's flow.

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