Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reflections on my miseducation

Tell me you're the benevolent type that will bless me with knowledge
yeah the god you worship
Don't play pretend with me
Your works are tokens; your actions speak.

Some hated you to death.
You breathe, receive curses on the eve of your "prosperity's" day of worship
I'm not with it
handing out diplomas on what we have built
everything temporal
everything wilts

Fair flower with the grace of God, the face of God,
the light of God in your eyes, tell me
How did you get so rank?
Every time you drank others' knowledge
and preached it to me, you stank.

I'm finished. I think for you, I prayed everyday.
While you had your foot on me, while others wept,
pleaded and joined the fray.

Now is your golden moment, another chance to pretend.
No other god before us. This might be your ruining...
if you raise your foot again and not praise.

Praise Him!

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