Monday, November 2, 2009

A Response poem for Tobias Humphrey

I will commemorate Tobias, meaning God is good,
portraying God is hate.
His thinking as a Christian soldier was,
"I have license to berate
everyone that shuns my views,
from distant borders like Kuwait."

Don't tell me love the Muslim brothers.
They say Muhammad's great.


I was waiting many months for God to give me wisdom to reply.
I had no idea why a Muslim brother would park here and reside.
But, we have the same Creator. Let His name be praised. And if
he says praise Muhammad, I'll still love him all my days.

It's like this. He said love is truth. If I love them then I'll
tell them the truth. But what about the truth in love? You can't
smack someone on the head, tell them their stupid and say it's
in the Name of Love.

I am almost dying here. I was almost crying here, when I read
the things you wrote. I only thought such hatred lived in the
hearts of those who smote
our Lord.

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