Monday, November 30, 2009


What's your plate full with young one?
Is it covered in self?
Or is it covered in Jesus--
forgetting all else?

This is a time to pause and remember,
His sacrifice, His coming, His lonely surrender
at the cross.

Born to die.
Can you imagine?
Born to save.
Not live in a mansion.

When all the wealth was His,
by Him everything was made,
and everything consists,
truly makes the price He paid
a reason to exist.

Can you breathe Him in?
Can you reach Him with your cries?
He is near you every minute, every second,
so don't try, remember.

So I ask you again young one what's on your plate?
Are you dining on and serving up the only food that
sustains the soul? Or are you feasting on the the
stuff you can see, touch, taste--
the stuff in a minute that time will erase.

This is
line of

If you don't get this, there will be a reckoning.
You have been commissioned; please yield to His beckoning.

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