Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Absent Flying

I was stirred until I reach the top of the world and found no cap.
Now and wintering in soft states, wondering where I'm at.
It's alright I got to see my friend.
I learned she'd been beaten for leaning on Him.
I learned that she and her family are scared to pray.
Scared to raise a hymn, too scared to praise.

Blue lights, black nights
They're running here.
Too bruised, life oozed like toothpaste 'til
Bright angels came, with mystery names.

Bought a pass to the States.
Thought it would equate
to freedom
freedom was in God
'cause you thought with more laws
to protect you or a clause to prevent them from
beating you like it was their jobs
you could have more

But, you learned with every dollar
that none of this is making sense
How the pressures on you hotly
and the company pays your rent

You're promoted, never scolded and you feel like you're
alright. But, those glimpses at a freedom that you had when
you were caught -- praying to our God
are gone.

You're forlorn.
You reach for home.
God has your name in His book.
I knew you.
Didn't have to look.
He found you.
Now He's bringing you out.

Swift like a blaze,
eating what we grazed yesterday.


My mouth's on a mountain.
And I'm calling out.
Captives taste freedom.
He's cutting the route.

I thought that I would
dig and cut
but I learned I couldn't do nothing much
He with His strong arm and power
He that keeps you every hour
He that catches every tear
He that changes tides and years
He was listening, while I was sleeping and wishing
He has the keys to every door.
And He's leaning in more and more, as you let Him.

I saw the Father cry. When they hit you, after He died
to protect you from every harm.
I saw Him weep, when they tried to break you teeth,
when they held your arms and made you bleed.

He cried, then roared, and sent an earthquake.
He swore--by Himself
and sent you first rate sojourners to be their aid.
My Father, same yesterday and today.

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