Monday, October 26, 2009

How He Saved Me - a story

One time, a long time ago. I found myself in bed with the enemy
insatiable desire. He looked like bronze sun, raven hair, raven eyes,
his voice too sang out like a bird's. Walks under the moon with me,
with knowing. I pulled him into the crazy times too.

But, one night, I was there, near indulgence,
about to feed this humanity, this disease
insatiable desire. And then this song played
on the radio...

And methinks I heard the voice of God ringing out.
No Child. Go Child. No Child. Go Child
It's a funny thing. For the first time, clothed in my nakedness,
floating in the dark, I almost stayed there.
If you traded it all, it you gave it all away for one thing...
Those words were blacker than the pearls unlocked...
the ones my mother never gave me.

Rolled over into the dark expansion,
Death was gazing sweetly; I was in his mansion.
He caressed me once more. I hurried still to flee back
home before daybreak brought my fellows to thinking
other things about me.

It was fun, but not worth a life. I hugged death and kissed
him goodbye. To die for pleasure? I don' t think my feet
beat on the earth all the way home. I think He carried me.
I don't remember anything but a bright moon, cold air,
and that song. That Song! "One Thing" played on.

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