Monday, July 6, 2009

And even when...

her countenance has fallen
she's angry to dwell on this earth away from love
she bargained with God for a measure of goodness
if You give this for that, she said, my life is yours...

hmhmhmph to the One that owns everything.


now she sees sadness everywhere she looks,
like a child,
yes, like a child,
she thought, "I'll just wrench my life back then."
In His hands--the fighting and the wrenching,
the burning and disappointment.

What was in her eyes when she looked at me...
the fear of the fallen, that the world was not mended,
that everything is still not right and may never very well be
in her time.

In her time she just wanted to stretch out to the sky in defiance.
i can fly
earth you fade
i continue
i can fly

And with a mind pregnant with such ambitions
she waited for them to become

...what's my place?
I saw in her eyes my saddness.

"Let God be God."


You were not made to be a giant,
but to go forth with meekness and giant deeds on this earth.

You were not made to endure as long as the sun,
but as long as the Son is with you.

Be sure His Spirit be with you when you make your fantastic plans.
...cause sometimes these beautiful and grand deeds that we think
we are supposed to do for Him,
they don't come close to completion
no not to beginning.

Do not strive He said.
Be still and know that I am God.

Let's build Him another house while we wait.
The One above the heavens.
Let's build Him another house,
that the poor and the needy
cannot enter.

Where your brothers are the wolves.
Ravenous, not for your flesh but for dreams...
dare not dream while they sit,
dare not move in their sight,
no do not ask for prayer or a blessing,
they will counsel you that the dream is born
of a foolish heart.

And even when you swear you heard God Himself speak.
They will say be silent.

And even when you're building a bridge there with prayer and tears.
They will say be quiet.

So even when all seems untouched and unmoved by the Mighty One.
And you have put all that you could and should into this dream. sees without seeing.

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