Monday, July 20, 2009

The Blessing in the Word

So I heard that it was the word that he spoke of God that was his fate
So I hear that it is the words that I speak of God that is my own

And I wonder if it really was the good report that was long life to Joshua and Caleb
And I wonder if my ill report is the cause of my failure


"The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

(Bottom line: believe that He is Good.)

And the Lord is good. I cannot lie.
Though I may not witness it ere I die.
Therefore let my witness say,
"Bless Him Glory of the Morn and Day!"

And through the backdraft.
Bless His name.
Beauty for ashes,
yet to gain.

Be a good witness in the land.
Speaking truth, and of His plan:
To give us good and take us in
to paradise without end.


Oh God when you come down
let countless witnesses be found
Those uttering truths not fears.
Those that shut the eyes and ears.

Awaiting the promise.

When God speaks let us BELIEVE!
His word endures through eternity.


Come examine the grace He has given us
He's more than a father
He is the peace external and peace within us

Tired thought weaves paths to the unknown--
Restless travelers weak, forlorn.

The answers were never out there.
Only lies.
Only lies.
Only lies the chance to weigh the world.
Tell me you've found the scale.

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