Monday, July 13, 2009


What when you are reaching for the one
that you think that has the answers
and they do not reply?

What to do when your energy is spent?
In every sense.
Even a breath about it is labored.

Shall you listen to your mother's words
or that of your father? Bred in hate.
You say, I am not like them.
They love everything that looks and feels
like themselves.
I love everything that looks and feels
like itself.

Stretching to reach the one with the answers
I perceived that person, that loves like me
could see like me, and give me the answer that
I seek.


The phone rings at the wrong hour!
She is too busy!
Is she too busy?

Love mingled with patience---pain.
Yeah, I imagine she's listening and watching
but without care
that caring compassion
was worn with the years.

Now her love for her future
occupies her days.
Her love for all others
forsaken for ways
to make cash?

I stop my reaching at last...
You God?
Are you chuckling?
Because I know you take years to answer
what moments could give

So I searched to seek
You searched to teach
I wandered to listen
You wandered to be
my answer.

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