Monday, July 20, 2009

So Crazy to Believe


I will speak of this departure from faith in me to faith in Him.
I will speak of this path of trusting love of the Unseen.
Let me speak a while...

At first fear will seize you.
And then reason and reasoning.
And then, if you'll read of those that went before-confusion.
Are you listening?

Then you will have to do the most annoying thing.
You'll have to wait until He speaks.
And though it take years, it won't be long.
And you will understand eternal reasons for ending wrongs.

Maybe you'll be kind to your neighbor - the stranger, the friend.
Maybe you'll love in a ways you'd never imagine.
But I promise you this, the more you hear from Him,
the more you see Him, the more you understand,
Faith is always in here, the more you can...

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