Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tired in the Morning

I was eating all day because something was eating me when I woke up this morning.
Although everyone in my family was proud of themselves, all of us needed to look in the mirror.
For the last five years my father has purchased things he cannot afford to impress people.
For the last five years my mother has labored unhappily at the same job.
For the last five years my brother has resigned himself to a life of sex, drugs, and video games.
And for the last five years I have traveled the world at my parents expense.

This morning I was tired of it and had bitten into change. How long must one tear at the dusty circumstances for them to cease? I thought I had changed two months ago. I thought I had a new beginning a week ago, then I realized that I was just guilty by association. And that is what I would always be, one step closer, as long as I was dying to connect.

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