Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beyond the Midrash

In him was the key
the flesh and blood would be our purity
none are forced to come and dine
the wedding invitation is open
to those who would die
for him

Divinity would die for us
Divinity died for us
Love is beyond death
Love is beyond understanding
Love, that fire unquenchable;

Love burns in every heart,
Says His name in every breath.
Love continues to create,
and passion is what populates the earth.

Little fires are power.
The focus on time, energy, and passion...
the willingness to do to the death,
there is progress.
We can never separate ourselves from
any more than we can separate ourselves from the Breath.


And because He loves me I am the fire of love
And the fierceness of hate is many waters
Then if we meet we both shall cease

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