Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Last Dance

If you knew that you would say goodbye forever today.
If you knew you would have to drink the poison and flow into the ether,
what would you give to the one that you love as yourself?

If you knew this was your final dance,
your final hour on the stage,
the lights burning the last image of you on their memory,
what then would you give?

If you knew there was no tomorrow,
no see you later,
no cheery good-bye,
If you knew it was struck fate,
dead end, no more finishes...

How would you tell them you love them,
that you were taking their memory with you to endless comfort?
How would you say to them that they had made this journey worth the walking?

Would it be another day like today,
dying to be alive,
thinking about what you should say and do?

Would you let it slip and never return if you knew...
If you knew that this was the last dance that you'd ever dance with them,
If you knew this was the last place that you'd ever bring them,
would the God-nature be in those moments that cause us to create lives?

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