Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Fear the Age to Come

Especially with each breath bringing me closer
I fear the age to come
the chance that I might not be the shining light in my dreams
the chance that I might still have the same hope of becoming
Dying to evolve into that butterfly
seeing the others fly towards the Sun

I fear the age to come
It's what brings me here
to this place where everything isn't worth a second glance
no interest in a go at romance

When at last I am at that day
will I be another in that age?
The poison of death takes you slowly
You think you're living, you're really living out your
last rites

oil running from my head
The transformation from darkness to white
white hairs cover our faces
Do we look like Him?

Do we even witness what He does?
He does not live in sorrow,
yet we are in the valley of shadows and sorrow
We cannot see the light, no not even as it is
emanating from us.

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