Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Like a Child

I had been away for a while
And there was this void that I could not explain
The absence!
And I heard it in your voice when you spoke
We could not agree on what is was

When we don't speak,
a part of us dies
You have what I need
I have what you need
Expressions of perfect love

And the canvass is your eyes
On which I can see the perfect expression
sparkles of joy in your eyes
from knowing me apart from my appearance
You've seen the Father

Oh, but we've been apart for a while,
and I've even been too busy to say a prayer
for your welfare
and I saw the weariness in your eyes when I saw you today.
and I knew that we would be revived when enjoined under His banner of love

Our bond
Is one that looks like melted Skittles
on your mother's prized holiday dishes
simply beautiful
unless you wanted homemade cookies

I'll hug you for a while
and do not fear
because I love you
and we're okay now.

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