Monday, August 15, 2011

The Clash

In response to the solemn assembly called this month in Texas by Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.

I saw freedom fighters without guns.
The swords of their mouths destroying self.
Faces deadpan.
Warriors bearing the mark of Christ.
They came first on their knees, pleading to the Judge to suspend all unrighteous deeds that vex the spirit and wound the soul.

He stayed.
They rent their hearts.
He waits.
They rend their souls.

Oh God is all that is like You soon to be lost?!!
A dark tempest rises.
A storm of impenetrable darkness.
He shines.

They say we have freedom to determine how to live.
Fatherless children...
...look what they do.

The Star-gazers left their Bibles at home.
Carried in the Spirit to a war they could almost understand.
Give us eyes to see.
They roared and praised the One, the only Son and Father.

At last. At last He came like a flood of lit waters.
And everywhere His glory was seen.
In those like Him and those seeking.
I saw the final sweep to victory came suddenly.

Creation sighs -- eternity.

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