Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Wanes

Concerning the tremor in NYC that occurred at the end of the 13th hour of the day.

Will we cleave to what is passing away?
The pleasures of this time, whatever we can imagine in our evil minds?
Will we hold the buildings up, built on the the blood of innocents?
Will we redefine our purpose by joining the same sex in marriages before God?


And who profits as we buy the pills to prevent life from flourishing in our wombs?
Who profits when we choose to work over raising children to love the one God?
This journey is wearying and has a certain end in infinite death.
Because He is boundless life.

We have spat at Your face.
Shaken angry fists at Your law.
What will you do Father?
What now will You remove?
The islands will flee,
The mountains will tremble,
and crumble at the though Your impending judgement.

And we smile, and dance with Glee.
Because we are free
to choose humanity and lawlessness
over Truth and righteousness.

Your jealous love
makes all things new
I will embrace it
as all else wanes.

Revelation 16:20 And every island fled away, and no mountains were to be found.
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