Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knew Me

There's nothing new about ignored calls
Crossed phone lines
Busy signals and missing depth

It's times like these when I wish
my emotions, I could lock up in a bottle
and throw away

What brings me here today
Checking your Facebook page
Have you found another?
And another?

If you'd said something, it'd be simple,
but your silence is like new temple
no worshipers, useless and empty

It's like the light I set up
before I go to sleep because I am afraid
that someone has been peeping in my window
I want to see them, so I keep it on
they always crash outside and get away
I know they've seen me
I wonder if they knew me at some point

At least they come around sometimes
I never welcomed them into my bedroom
like I welcomed you
But you stood still
They stand still and look
The reaction is the same, in a furious
rage we plan to gun them down

Wish love wasn't so volatile
wish I could extract it
every time I felt it excreting somewhere in my brain
I would trap it
And wrap it up
And give it away
To some young lover, that knows it's use,
Yes, they would use it well.


My Magnificent God of Heaven
Has not touched the hairs that are
falling from my head with new speed
now that I am again alone

My Magnificent God of Heaven
Sits in a silence I know too well
letting me feel what he felt
this hell of love without Him

My Magnificent God of Heaven
Knows the sighs, the woes, of having--
not having, be your meditation
and He waits

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