Thursday, July 22, 2010

If I Had Written Him

Some of your words move me
they shake me alive
while we are remembering pilgrims' breath
while we are being put to the test
we remember

Some of your words shake me
I am in disbelief
that the God of love
has written disaster for His enemies
let that not be my meditation

You in your holy place, looking down,
You here with us
You the greatest sacrifice
How can we be all things?
How can we be three in one?


Maybe I'm absent from a proper existence right now
Maybe I'm in the desert of doubt wandering
wanting things that cannot be found
in this desert

What; You Spring Water
You Bring Water, You Bring Life

but we have to wade there.

I was waiting for You to call me

I was waiting for Your audible voice.
Why are You content to wait for our worship to come.

I guess it's all below You. Mindsets. Emotions. Lies.
I guess it's all a far memory now, Jesus.
When you say Your prayers today for me,
Remember to add verse 10, in chapter 7 in Song of Songs.

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