Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Israel my envy

I looked over the hills of Israel.
Each raised its head proudly
with anticipation of the returning Master.

His feet will walk there again.
Israel, my envy, that you have kissed the feet of my Lord
And you must be His first delight,
because He will give you new robes
And clothe you with new splendor

All the nations will come to you for love and wisdom,
for in you will dwell Light and Life.

Israel, my envy,
He will grace with His Love and perfect government.

Would you send a trickle of your living waters my way?
I want to bathe in the wisdom of knowing the Lord.
I seek the hidden manna of His words.
You have so many of His words!

They echo from the rocks on which He sat!
Even the rocks that have been buried.
Oh the glory! The majesty!
And it is a holy calling to bear the place where He bled
for the world to be reconciled to the Father of all.

Tell me Israel, tell me desire of the nations and soon coming King,
is there still place for strangers in your doors
though I have found Him late,
I will love Him for all my life,
and with all my life.

Welcome me sister into your courts. I am coming to seek my Lord.

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