Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Letter to My Lord

(Written Sept. 6th 2010)

I wanted to write a love letter to God after reading about the joys of doing so in The Five Love Languages of God

You cause my pen to move.
My brush paints the colors of You.
The dance I give speaks of the love
You with open arms are spreading...

And I sing. It's 'cause I'm moved by You.
You are my breath, so You know it too
that when I think to compose a song,
it's with You...

in mind

You cause my hands to shape
the wonders I have seen to date
You give me rhyme for Your Name's Sake
I praise You Lover and King
far better than Solomon to me

I want Your Name, to wear it
from within
It to be the greeting on my tongue
My food when I am hungered

If I give words, You give worth.
If I give life, You give birth.

Let me have my answers
to the mysteries that lie in your eyes
in seeing You, yes,
one day when I behold You in Your Majesty
I know my heart will fail
but my soul will sing:

for the the very first time
O'er the Man that leads me

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